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January 6, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Robea Victor

4G Clinical's Employee Spotlight series focuses on showcasing the diverse and talented individuals who make up our workforce.  In today's installment, we are highlighting Robea Victor, Manager, Software Test Analysts.



Robea Victor, Manager, Software Test Analysts

1. How would you describe your role and responsibilities at 4G Clinical to someone who is not familiar with your work?

My role has evolved over time, and I think I wear many hats including:
My role is to perform & advise others on Study Testing - within my team or outside of my team
My role is to stand in Audits and defend the work that WE do.
My role is to train others and share the product knowledge I've acquired since joining 4G Clinical on Day 1.
My role is to assist in Process/Quality Improvement - I’ve helped update our SOPs & work with Quality regularly on deviations and CAPAs

2. What do you enjoy most about your job at 4G Clinical?

There is no single answer to this but here is what I love most:
I love our culture, everyone is here to help.
I love that I can be honest with my responses and feel seen/heard.
I love leading my team and empowering the team to grow.
I love that every single day - I am learning something new.
I love seeing folks whom I’ve met since Day 1, evolve into different people - into parents/leaders/mentors/even SANTA lol!

3. What do you love most about the culture at 4G Clinical that makes it a great place to work?

This may sound strange, but what I love about the culture is that I’ve never had to be anyone other than myself - I’ve found at past places I’ve worked I’ve had to be a version of myself that my employer NEEDED me to be, regardless of if it was a person I WANTED to be. Here, whom I NEED to be is exactly who I WANT to be, MYSELF as I am (Whether one day it's a Leader, another day it's a Mentor, or another day it's a Student). To me, this is what makes this a great place to work hands down.

4. What advice would you offer to someone who is considering applying for a job at 4G Clinical?

Advice? Well, I always think the best advice isn’t sugar-coated. Come as you are, but come with thick skin.
Our work is not easy, but it is rewarding to know our work is impactful to many. We work HARD to have a good place to work, so be ready to do your part.  Leave any façades at home. We all work openly, honestly, and transparently - and expect the same from anyone on our team. Bring your A-game because every day is a challenge, there is never a dull moment because clinical trials are always ever-changing and improving.

If you got through this mountain of text, and feel inspired - rather than terrified lol - COME ON DOWN!


About 4G Clinical's Employee Spotlight Series

Welcome to 4G Clinical's Employee Spotlight blog series where we focus on showcasing the diverse and talented individuals who make up our workforce.  In each installment, we will feature a different employee in a Q&A format. You'll learn about their role at 4G Clinical, what they love about the culture here, and the advice they would offer to candidates who are interviewing for a position at our company. We hope that this series will give you a deeper understanding of what it's like to work at 4G Clinical and inspire you to join us in building a better future.

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