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Accurately project demand for Investigator Sponsored Trials

Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform provides transparency into how much drug will be needed to support ISTs so you can balance a high volume of requests in relation to your ongoing study demand.


Automate Investigator Sponsored Trial (IST) supply tracking.

Manual management of the IST supply is not scalable. With hundreds of ISTs running at any given time, and when an IST has multiple sites, tracking supply becomes quite complex. Prancer RTSMⓇ Inventory Platform automates this process, alleviating the supply manager from manually tracking ISTs alongside their current studies.

Gain transparency of IST status and record of shipments.

Prancer RTSM® Inventory Platform enables sites to order drug directly through the RTSM, pool supply across multiple ISTs and shipping locations, and maintain transparency of IST status and record of shipments.

Inventory tracking icon

Inventory Tracking

Know where your IP is at all times with automated inventory tracking. 

Reduce manual errors icon

Reduce Manual Errors

Clinical sites can receive shipments, submit supply requests, and update inventory statuses directly through the RTSM rather than using a paper-based method.

Avoid wasted supply icon

Avoid Wasted Supply

Reduce waste by aggregating demand for all IST studies while automatically accounting for both commercial and clinical drug product.

Transparency of IST status icon

Transparency of IST Status

Sponsors can review supply requests, manage available package lots, process temperature excursions, and resupply based on threshold or expiry dates.

Pooled supply icon

Pooled Supply

Pool supply across multiple ISTs and shipping locations while maintaining control over which lots can be used in which countries and with which IST protocols.

Support sunshine act icon

Support Sunshine Act

Ensure compliance with a complete audit trail of every transaction within the RTSM system. Run standard reports to track the value of the inventory sent to each investigator.

open-quoteManual management of the IST supply is not scalable, so with an increasing number of ISTs, automation of the process is critical. close-quote

Jenna Flower, Vice President, Customer Operations, 4G Clinical

Inventory tracking infographic

Simplify inventory tracking in the RTSM.

Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform allows you to easily manage inventory at the program level, with multiple studies being delivered in one central location.

Balance Supply and Demand

Avoid supply waste.

Project too much demand, you run the risk of wasting expensive drug. Project too little, you may not have enough drug to cover both ISTs and your company-sponsored studies. See how Prancer RTSM Inventory Platform can be leveraged to balance supply and demand decisions for all your clinical programs.

Investigator Sponsor Trials (IST) Supply Management

Learn how to leverage RTSM systems to avoid wasted supply, enable drug pooling and accurately project demand.

RTSM solutions for any trial complexity.

Our randomization and trial supply solutions can easily be configured to include only the needed functionality and are built to scale with you as your clinical program progresses.