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Patient Randomization for
Simple Phase 1 Studies

Prancer RTSM Rand-Only offers simplified patient tracking for studies that require randomization where inventory management is not a priority.

Patient Randomization

Alleviate the burden on sites to manually perform randomization.

Prancer RTSM Rand-Only randomizes into active or placebo treatment arms based on your study protocol rather than relying on traditional methods of opening envelopes to determine treatment.

Simplify Cohort Assignments

Centralize and simplify cohort assignments.

You may have plenty of supply and no worries about site stock. But, managing which patients are enrolled into which cohort across multiple sites takes a lot of manual effort. Leverage Prancer RTSM® Rand-Only to control cohort assignments and communication with your sites. You'll have greater transparency with critical investigators and a detailed audit trail to record how your study was conducted.

Protecting the Blind

An ideal solution for blinded studies with unblinded pharmacists.

Prancer RTSM Rand-Only enables blinded site users to register patients and unblinded pharmacists to see the assigned treatment. Randomization can be performed by blinded or unblinded site users with complete confidence that the study blind will be maintained.

Streamline Clinical Trial Management

With simple studies only requiring randomization, Prancer RTSM Rand-Only helps reduce manual processes, improve efficiency, and ensures adherence to the study protocol.

4GClinical-Icons-94x94_Fast Implementation

Efficient Implementation

Due to its simplicity, Prancer RTSM® Rand-Only requires few design review sessions to finalize your specification. Validation and UAT focus on the simpler patient flow, allowing your study to go live faster.

4GClinical-Icons-94x94_Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

Allows for simple integrations with tools you already use.

4GClinical-Icons-94x94_Improved Accuracy

Improved Accuracy

Avoid misrandomization with automated processes. 

Integrations Made Simple

Integrations shouldn’t hinder choosing the best-in-class systems for your clinical trial. Modern technology simplifies the integration process no matter what systems you are using.

RTSM solutions for any trial complexity.

Our randomization and trial supply solutions can easily be configured to include only the needed functionality and are built to scale with you as your clinical program progresses.