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Prancer RTSM® Lite

For Early Phase and Simple
Design Studies

Prancer RTSM® Lite

Revolutionizing  Traditionally Paper-Based Studies.


Prancer RTSM® Lite is an efficient, affordable and less error prone way to manage trials that would have otherwise been managed through Excel or on paper. It offers essential functionality only (patient screening, enrollment and drug supply management) enabling rapid implementation. 


Since Prancer RTSM® Lite is a configuration of 4G Clinical’s full Prancer RTSM® system and not a new product, we can easily scale with you, by activating additional configurations when you are ready to expand.


Is Prancer RTSM® Lite the right solution for your next study? Let’s start a conversation today.


The goal of early phase clinical studies is to prove initial efficacy and progress to the next phase. The challenge is that most traditional RTSM systems cannot expand or scale with you when you are ready to transition. Prancer RTSM® Lite can.

Transition to a full RTSM in as little as 4 weeks

No disruption to site users

Scaling is primarily a contracting exercise

Maintain a full history of how your study was conducted


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Need More Functionality?

Check out our full Prancer RTSM® offering for the full range of study features.

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