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4C Supply®

Clinical Trial Supply
Optimization Software

A Modern Clinical Trial Supply Management Solution that
Brings Speed, Simplicity and Control over Supply Decisions.

From early-stage feasibility planning through study completion, informing supply chain decisions has never been easier. 4C Supply® uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn study parameters from plain English into detailed forecasts, giving you full transparency and complete control of supply decisions.

4C Supply® brings simplicity and speed without the error prone processes of Excel or the need for external SMEs required by existing commercial tools.


Intuitive Reporting and Powerful Visualizations

Informing supply chain decisions has never been easier. Scroll through the gallery below to see for yourself:

4C Supply® Differentiators


Model, forecast and verify supply plans in minutes

Build and verify inputs, run the forecast, and verify the demand and supply plans in less than one business day. Dynamically adapt to new information, re-forecast and assess the impact, in moments.



Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn plain English into dynamic supply models

NLP uses plain English, eliminating the risk from human error from Excel and the lack of understanding from complicated commercial planning tools.

Control Over Supply Decisions

Assess real-time impacts of supply decisions

Easily compare scenarios and assess impacts in real-time. Verify outcomes based on inputs into the system and leverage powerful visualizations to answer questions and inform key business decisions for clinical operations and manufacturing teams.


Forecast Based on Available Information

Inform supply decisions throughout the study lifecycle

Enable supply decisions from early-stage feasibility planning, 1-3 years ahead of study start, all the way through to study completion.

Accuracy & Visibility

Enable real-time actuals and visibility across the entire supply chain

Frequent uploads of study actuals enable the CSP to adjust supply plans with up-to-date information, increasing the plan accuracy and providing visibility to the entire supply chain. Actuals are easily compared to input assumptions and notify CSPs of significant deviations to investigate and adjust inputs when needed.


Unparalleled Functionality

Scenario Modeling
  • Unlimited concurrent scenario models 
  • Faster, meaningful data review with stakeholders 
  • Proactive collaboration between clinical supply and clinical operations 
  • Robust impact assessments to determine the best strategy 

Unparalleled Functionality

Multi-Level Supply Networks
  • Flexibility to use any combination of Central, Regional and Local depots 
  • Adjust network design as needed throughout study lifecycle
  • Align supply parameters with network design 
  • Reduce waste and supply chain risk


Unparalleled Functionality

Executive Reports and Intuitive Dashboards
  • Easily tie inputs to corresponding outputs 
  • Explore possible outcomes based on a specific combination of events 
  • Powerful visualizations enable high-level discussions to balance cost and risk 
  • Drive efficiencies and business strategy to the network and compound level 

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Clinical Supply Planning Optimization

Addressing Gaps in People, Process and Technology to Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies

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