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RTSM Solutions for
Phase 2 Trials

Prancer RTSM provides the flexibility you need to explore all the possible paths for determining the optimal dose, patient population, and combination therapies within your Phase 2 trials.

Flexible Clinical Trials

Develop adaptive clinical trials with flexible execution.

Prancer RTSM is 100% configurable, allowing you to build flexibility into the study design upfront and enable efficient protocol amendments as you follow the science. By adding countries, activating new cohorts, or choosing dose levels, Prancer RTSM enables you to experiment until you achieve the desired result.  

Forecasting Dials

Benefit from dynamic resupply at the site, depot, and study level.

Clinical trials with unpredictable demand present unique challenges when it comes to reducing waste and preventing stock-out. Prancer RTSMⓇ has a fully integrated forecasting engine, allowing you to make business decisions without having a degree in statistics.

open-quotePhase 2 trials can become incredibly complex as sponsors follow the science of their study. Unlike traditional IRT systems which can be rigid, Prancer RTSM enables the flexibility to increase overall study efficiency and expediting clinical development. close-quote

Carla Reis, Senior Client Director, 4G Clinical

4G team member presents to a group

Rely on RTSM experts when protocol complexity is at its peak.

When changes in protocol design arise, there may be unintended impacts on your clinical trial overall. Working with seasoned RTSM experts can help give you peace of mind that you fully understand the impacts on your patient flow, supply chain, overall timelines, and budget.

Complex Supply Chain

Prepare for the transition to global Phase 3 trials.

As you narrow down the treatment that works, you also should build your supply strategy to expand globally in Phase 3. Learn how modern technology can also assist with complex global supply chains.

Master Protocol Studies

View our guide for an in-depth look at basket and umbrella trials, and how modern, configurable RTSM systems can help you overcome unique process and quality challenges.