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June 23, 2022

4G Clinical named a Top 50 Inspiring Workplace.


We are deeply honored and humbled to have been recognized as one of the Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces in North America by Inspiring Workplaces™. This prestigious award recognizes organizations that prioritize people and forward-thinking initiatives.

To be considered for this list, organizations were asked to complete an entry form outlining six key elements that are essential for creating an inspiring workplace. These elements included culture and purpose, leadership, well-being, inclusion and diversity, communication, and employee experience. 4G Clinical was recognized for its exceptional leadership and received the highest award in this category.

What makes the leadership at 4G Clinical exceptional?

4G Clinical is a mission-driven organization with a strong focus on empowering individuals to challenge the status quo and drive innovation. Founded by CEO David Kelleher and CTO Ed Tourtellotte, both of whom have deep personal connections to the company's mission and the impact of clinical trials, 4G Clinical is committed to making a difference in the lives of patients.

At 4G Clinical, our leadership team is dedicated to the mission and embodies qualities such as humility, curiosity, and the ability to "get stuff done." These values, along with our core value of kindness, inspire and motivate employees at all levels to work hard and make a difference.

In addition to our mission, 4G Clinical's leadership team also encourages innovation to come from within the organization. We believe that everyone has a voice and the ability to drive improvements, and our collaborative culture encourages the sharing of ideas across all levels and functions. Our common company saying, "do not do what you are told," reflects this belief and encourages employees to challenge the status quo and experiment in order to make the organization stronger.

During company meetings and through communications via Slack, 4G Clinical's leadership team emphasizes the human-centered approach to our work and connects our corporate initiatives and successes to the impact they have on patients. This focus on people is a driving force behind our company culture and helps to inspire and motivate everyone at 4G Clinical.

We are extremely grateful for the Inspiring Workplace recognition and proud of our leadership team for their dedication and commitment to creating a positive and inspiring culture at 4G Clinical. 

Learn more about what sets us apart by exploring the inspiring stories and employee spotlights on our Life at 4G Clinical careers blog.

About 4G Clinical

4G Clinical is a global leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) and supply forecasting optimization software for the life sciences industry, offering the only fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing (NLP) to accelerate clinical trials. 4G Clinical is headquartered in the Boston Biotech corridor of Wellesley, MA, with offices in Europe and Asia. Learn more at www.4gclinical.com.  

About Inspiring Workplaces™

Inspiring Workplaces is the result of the merger between Employee Engagement Awards and the Employee Engagement Alliance. It is headquartered in the UK and operates in North America, Africa, and Australasia. Inspiring Workplaces™ believes in recognizing and shaping the new, forward-thinking organizations of the future. By shedding the light on these innovative workplaces, Inspiring Workplaces helps to encourage positive change in workplaces as well as provide a source of inspiration and education for those who seek it.


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