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Prancer RTSM®

Let the Science Lead with
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Transform Your Next Study with the Best-in-Class RTSM


The complexity of today’s trials is inadequately supported by traditional RTSM solutions, typically requiring custom coding to deliver system changes – costing you both time and resources. As trial complexity continues to increase, shouldn’t your system keep up?


Prancer RTSMbrings both speed and flexibility to clinical trials, enabling your trial to ebb and flow as needs change, all while offering exceptional quality and performance.







We built Prancer RTSM® from day one to be fully configurable, to handle any type of trial, any type of indication. And we’ve held to that vision.”


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CTO, 4G Clinical











Experience the 4G Difference




See the system early and often 

Iterate on your RTSM build starting at the Kickoff meeting. Approve the system, alongside dramatically shorter specifications (20-30 pages).


Go as fast as you need to

Keep your RTSM off the critical path. Leverage modern technology to deliver high quality systems is as little as 2-4 weeks from spec to go-live.


Make changes with ease

Flexibility is built into the system itself. Execute faster mid-study changes without hidden fees or disruptions to your study.


Minimize supply waste with confidence

Control your clinical supplies without a background in statistics. Confidently explore supply scenarios and account for both predictable and unpredictable demand.








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Typically we show up to a kick-off meeting with the system already built. This allows us to have detailed design discussions based on the protocol earlier rather than waiting until UAT.”




VP, Commercial Operations, 4G Clinical






Explore Our Robust Features and Functionalities




Patient Management

Complex protocols. Simple interfaces. Unparalleled design choices.

•   Streamlined and intuitive patient screening

•   Self-Service cohort management capabilities to open/close cohorts, define ranking, reserve spots, and more

•   Simple to dynamic randomization schemes

•   Formula dispensing (e.g. weight-based dosing), dose modifications and multiple visit schedules and crossover designs

Study Management

Simplify and streamline study management.

•   Self-service data changes enable users to add/edit sites, countries and users


•  Connect protocol versions to dispensing schedules, cohorts and more and assign protocol versions to specific sites


•  Validated, role-based permissions


•  24/7/365 global support in 170+ languages

Supply Management

Gain visibility and control over supply decisions.

• Inventory management at the site and depot level


• Manage accountability needs, from simple all the way to controlled substances


• Dynamic forecasting and automated site and depot resupply


• Cumulative excursion tracking and temperature excursion auto-resolution


• Supports all DtP models






Prancer RTSM®

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