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February 22, 2023

Reducing Clinical Trial Site Burden with Robust and Reliable Technology

The clinical research market is on the rise, with projections showing it will reach $8.8 billion within the next five years. However, as demand grows, so do the challenges faced by clinical research sites, specifically staff shortages, design complexity, and outdated systems.

In our latest article on Clinical Researcher, our VP of Quality, Laura Araujo, discusses how cutting-edge randomization and trial supply management solutions can streamline trial operations and reduce the site burden.

Here's a short excerpt.


As medical treatments become more specialized, clinical trials also rise in design complexity. Combine complex design with staffing shortages, and site leaders will definitely find themselves with trial delays either from long start-up timelines or extended deadlines that further delay clinical studies.

Clinical trial design has advanced faster than some technology solutions available to site personnel. As a result, clinical sites often rely on legacy systems, both internally and provided by trial sponsors. In addition to the scientific complexity in today’s protocols, they must often sort through complex technical requirements for each study. This results in a time-consuming and arduous process that often overtaxes those completing the work. The increased likelihood of human error can lead to inaccurate data requiring multiple systems edits to clean the data throughout the study and especially before the study ends.


View the complete article on Clinical Researcher.


Laura Araujo

Laura Araujo has over 30 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Technology, holding various positions in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Software Auditing, and Technology Management. She has had positions in, or related to, the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years. Prior to joining 4G Clinical, for 10...

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