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Podcast Episode

The Why Behind Quality

Episode 5:
The Why Behind Quality

In our industry, we’ve seen regulators play a critical role in helping to pave the way for increased creativity in clinical trial designs. Yet, there are still questions on whether innovation and quality can truly coexist in clinical trials. This episode aims to tackle the "why" behind quality because the answer to this key question brings light to this important issue as clinical trial complexity continues to rise.

Who's Talking?

Laura Araujo Podcast Headshot_Circle

Laura Araujo, 4G Clinical

Laura Araujo brings years of leadership experience in the Pharma and Biotech industry in the
areas of Quality, Regulatory and Information Technology and continues to be instrumental in
her role as the Vice President of Quality at
4G Clinical. 

KG Podcast Headshot_Circle

Kathleen Greenough, 4G Clinical

Kathleen Greenough, Senior Director of Client Solutions, has 16 years of experience in life sciences spanning Clinical Operations, Finance, and IT. Her wide range of solutions implementation expertise includes RTSM, CTMS, trial costing tools, OLAP financial suites and patient enrollment planning.


A thought-provoking podcast that tackles big ideas, challenges the status quo and brings different perspectives to light on the rapidly changing world of clinical trials.

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