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Podcast Episode

Facing a Diagnosis with No Treatment

Episode 3:
Facing a Diagnosis with No Treatment

Listen in as 4G Clinical's Elana Rose shares her own story living with an invisible illness on this podcast episode. Not just to inspire those currently diagnosed with brain tumors but also to help spread awareness on rare diseases across the globe and bring greater hope to patients around the world.

Who's Talking?

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Elana Rose, 4G Clinical

Elana Rose, Senior Director of Business Development has 10 years of experience in life sciences spanning across Quality Assurance, Contracting and Business Development in Medical Devices, CROs and eClinical vendors specializing in IRT.

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Kathleen Greenough, 4G Clinical

Kathleen Greenough, Senior Director of Client Solutions, has 16 years of experience in life sciences spanning Clinical Operations, Finance, and IT. Her wide range of solutions implementation expertise includes RTSM, CTMS, trial costing tools, OLAP financial suites and patient enrollment planning.


A thought-provoking podcast that tackles big ideas, challenges the status quo and brings different perspectives to light on the rapidly changing world of clinical trials.

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