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Cancer Hackathons:
Helping Patients Find Their Next Steps

Episode 4:
Cancer Hackathons: Helping Patients Find Their Next Steps

For a variety of reasons, some patients hit a "brick wall" in terms of treatment options. This often leads to a feeling of helplessness when trying to understand what their next steps might be. In this episode, Libbi Rickenbacher is joined by Brad Power, Founder of CancerHacker Lab, to discuss what can be done to enable patients to discover and access their best treatment options and promote patient advocacy within individual patient experiences, and within the larger clinical trial landscape.

Who's Talking?

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Brad Power, CancerHacker Lab

In 2018, Brad Power was diagnosed with lymphoma. Building on that experience with his 35+ years of consulting and research on process innovation and business transformation, Brad started CancerHacker Lab to help cancer patients navigate to the best options for their treatment.  

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Libbi Rickenbacher, 4G Clinical

Libbi has over 15 years of experience in the field of life sciences, and is an e-clinical RTSM solutions subject matter expert. Her experience lies at building and managing accounts, clients, and strategic initiatives.


A thought-provoking podcast that tackles big ideas, challenges the status quo and brings different perspectives to light on the rapidly changing world of clinical trials.

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