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Meet the Team


Winona Erive

DevOps Analyst

Winona, DevOps Analyst for 4G Clinical, is a cheerful and dedicated young achiever with a passion for learning, teaching and helping those around her as much as she can. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Technology at De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines in 2017, she immediately moved to Japan by herself to pursue her career in technology with the aim to use her skills to leave a positive impact in the world. Winona is flexible and can easily adapt to her surroundings, which greatly helped her transition into living in Japan as well as be part of 4G Clinical and the Clinical Trial Industry. Winona enjoys providing solutions to real-world problems and is happy to be working closely with her team despite the time and distance constraints. Winona speaks 3 languages: English, Filipino (Tagalog), and Japanese.

Photography by Bryce Vickmark