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Meet the Team

Rodrigue Againglo

Rodrigue Againglo

Customer Support Associate

Rodrigue Againglo, 4G Clinical Customer Support Associate, has over 10 years experience on the relevant CSR, with 3 years in healthcare industry company. He has excellent interpersonal communication skills, and is fluent in Mandarin, French and English. Rodrigue is dedicated at work, a problem-solver; motivated in his daily challenge to provide excellent solutions to the Customers.

He is also an Expert in China-Africa Relations, an executive member of Beijing World Health Industry Exchange groups. Rodrigue holds a Ph.D. in Business/Enterprise Management, and a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA), with a focus on Management and Organizational Behavior. His research interests also highlight the promotion of entrepreneurship in the developing countries; and the work flexibility.

Photography by Bryce Vickmark