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Meet the Team

Patrik Svensson

Patrik Svensson

Technical Services Lead

Patrik Svensson, Technical Services Lead at 4G Clinical has over 7 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He started his career in data management at a major pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland. Patrik briefly changed career paths and worked as a senior project officer leading large, national marine conservation projects for a major environmental IGO in Maldives before returning to Basel to resume his path in the pharmaceutical industry as a supply chain and study manager. Patrik brings a wealth of knowledge from his broad range of experiences as well as his passion to improve the health and conditions of all life. He has a curious mind, loves travel and adventure and can’t say no to a challenge. Patrik has a degree in tourism and hotel management, ecology and environmental biology and a Ph.D. in marine biology.

Photography by Bryce Vickmark