Meet the Team

Meet Our World-Wide, World-Class Team

Powered by world thinking. Driven by the curiosity, passion and experience of its people. 4G Clinical is staffed in eleven countries across the globe and is headquartered in the heart of the Boston biotech corridor.


Our team thrives on open and collaborative communication and dedication to our mission. 


Ed Tourtellotte, Founder and CTO
Ed Tourtellotte Founder, CTO
David Kelleher, Founder and CEO
David Kelleher Founder, CEO
Cedric Druck, VP of Forecasting
Cedric Druck VP, Forecasting
Maxime Flamant
Maxime Flamant Senior Software Engineer,
Front End Lead
Phil Woodson
Phil Woodson Director, Client Technical Services
Pirmin Froehlicher
Pirmin Froehlicher Director, Center of Excellence
Rama Suda
Rama Suda Software Quality Engineer
Laura Araujo
Laura Araujo VP, Quality
Teresa Goodnough
Teresa Goodnough Director, Customer Excellence
Karen Galvin
Karen Galvin Senior Customer Support Associate
Yuvaraj Jayashankar
Yuvaraj Jayashankar Software Quality Engineer
Rob Campanella
Rob Campanella Director, DevOps
Jean van der Vaeren
Jean van der Vaeren Senior Software Engineer
Ajaya Panda
Ajaya Panda Senior Software Quality Engineer
Holly Kennedy Degruttola
Holly Kennedy Degruttola Software Quality Engineer
Simon West-Bulford
Simon West-Bulford Director, Software Quality Engineering
Amy Ripston
Amy Ripston Senior Director, Marketing
Patrick Chokron
Patrick Chokron Director, RTSM Development
Alex Cline
Alex Cline DevOps Analyst
Eric Richter
Eric Richter Customer Support Associate
Matthew Neal
Matthew Neal Customer Support Associate
Connor Whitaker
Connor Whitaker Software Test Analyst
Robea Victor
Robea Victor Customer Support Associate
Sean Amos
Sean Amos Software Test Analyst
Bob Troeller
Bob Troeller VP, Global Business Development
Martijn Princen
Martijn Princen VP, Global Business Development
Gerard Brown
Gerard Brown IT Analyst
Suzanne Wootten
Suzanne Wootten Portfolio Director
Adrian Renzi
Adrian Renzi Customer Support Associate
Jay Gately
Jay Gately NE Regional Business
Development Lead
Mouna Rani
Mouna Rani Customer Support Associate
Jeffrey Woo
Jeffrey Woo SQE Lead
Nilay Thakkar
Nilay Thakkar Chief Commercial Officer
Chris Hines
Chris Hines Client Services Lead
Guillermo Diaz
Guillermo Diaz Software Test Analyst
Patrik Svensson
Patrik Svensson Client Services Lead
Kelly Koziol
Kelly Koziol Client Services Lead
Ryan Fallon
Ryan Fallon Customer Support Associate
Reina Farrington
Reina Farrington Customer Support Associate
Jenna Flower
Jenna Flower Client Services Lead
Takuya Kitami
Takuya Kitami Client Services Lead
Jörg Breitkopf
Jörg Breitkopf Client Services Lead
Agnes Gabosch
Agnes Gabosch Client Services Lead
Jean-Marie Zoda.jpg
Jean-Marie Zoda Senior DevOps Engineer
Denis Pilet
Denis Pilet Study Configuration Engineer
Joshua Objio
Joshua Objio Customer Support Associate
Jan Pieter Kappelle
Jan Pieter Kappelle Vice President, Strategy
Mwai Coffey
Mwai Coffey Customer Support Associate
Shrijan Rajkarnikar
Shrijan Rajkarnikar Client Services Lead
Millie Hoyle
Millie Hoyle Client Services Lead
Neta Bendelac
Neta Bendelac Senior Director, Strategy
Sudhamsa Kolipaka
Sudhamsa Kolipaka Software Engineer
Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins Software Quality Engineer
Faith Kenney
Faith Kenney Operations & Human Resources Manager
Michelle Brown
Michele Brown Customer Support Associate
Krizia Mahar
Krizia Mahar Customer Support Associate

Photography by Bryce Vickmark