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4G Clinical and Society for
Clinical Research Sites


4G Clinical is a proud member of the

SCRS Global Impact Partner Program.



“Becoming a GIP demonstrates 4G Clinical’s commitment to site sustainability by working directly with sites to solve operational challenges stemming from technology limitations, which ultimately impacts the entire industry. We are excited for this collaboration with 4G Clinical and believe it will have a meaningful impact on streamlining clinical trial execution.” 


– Sean Soth, VP, Global Business Partnerships, SCRS

Site Voice in Clinical Trial Technology

At 4G Clinical, we believe sites should have a voice in clinical research technology so they can spend more time with their patients and less time contacting help desks. Clinical research sites are the ultimate end-users of the RTSM and many other eclinical technologies. And yet, they are never asked for feedback into the design of that system. 


Site satisfaction is such an important element to the success of clinical trials. Technology should support the efficiency of tasks, not be the limiting factor in their day-to-day operations. We aim to change that.  

Who is SCRS?


The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS)  was founded in 2012 in response to the growing need for a global organization representative of the needs of clinical research sites globally. SCRS currently represents over 9,500 research sites in 47 countries. 

SCRS is an active partner in industry-wide initiatives and dialogues focused on improving the clinical research enterprise.


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