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How to Create a
Supply Strategy Before
Having a Supply Team


Congratulations! You're seeing positive results from your pre-clinical trials. Now the pressure is on. You must prepare your supply chain for the transition from pre-clinical to Phase 1 and beyond. Do you know where to start?

This webinar would benefit clinical operations and CMC professionals at early-stage biotech/pharmaceutical company seeking to to develop a robust supply strategy, without the resources of clinical supply team.

Objectives include:

  • Discuss the challenges associated with early-stage companies when it comes to supply strategy
  • Understand the reasons for developing a supply strategy before having a supply team
  • Explore available tools for early-stage supply strategy development
  • Learn how modern technology can scale with you to develop a robust supply strategy without a supply team
  • Provide a checklist on how to start building an early-stage supply strategy


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