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Site Forecasting – Enabled by Confidence Dials

Informing Forecasting and Resupply Decisions Based on Business Needs Rather than Complex Calculations

Download this white paper to discover:

  • Enable in-depth scenario planning and provide you with confidence to never stock-out and to minimize waste.
  • Understand how confidence dials enable business decisions and provide immediate feedback on impact to your trials
  • Forecast both predictable and unpredictable demand, in short and long-windows
  • Take control over supply decisions with full transparency into individual site demand, trigger levels as well as size and frequency of shipments


Download the white paper

open-quoteIn an ideal world, there would be exactly enough drug at each clinical site around the globe to ensure the study runs smoothly. No wasted supply and no risk of trial disruption. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world but rather the real world of increasingly complex clinical trials.close-quote