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Request a demo

Experience an RTSM demo like never before.

4G Clinical can take your protocol and arrive at the demo with your study already built, so you can see how the trial will be supported in Prancer RTSM® before becoming a customer. Not ready to send us a protocol? No problem, we can still customize a demo just for you.

Our goals for your demo:

  • Understand your study and your unique challenges and requirements

  • Ensure you walk away knowing how Prancer RTSM® can support your study

  • Provide insights on how 4G Clinical will partner with your organization

  • Create next steps and follow up for any remaining questions

What You'll See:

Our Innovations

Platform architecture, agile software development methodology, and natural language processing.

Our Revolutionary Study Build

Interact directly with the system instead of written specifications.

Different User Experiences

Site, Study Manager, Supply Manager

Functionality Catered to Your Study

Direct-to-patient, cohorts, returns and accountability, pooling, and more.

Supply Capabilities

A robust, fully featured site and depot forecasting engine.