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Recruitment Authenticity Statement

How to avoid falling victim to online recruitment scams

How to stay safe as a job-seeker


Recruitment fraud is a scam targeting job seekers in the online job market. Posing as recruiters, individuals or third-party companies, fraudulent parties offer fake job opportunities and claim to secure interviews or employment with 4G Clinical. These scams are executed through fake websites or email correspondence that appears to be from a legitimate company, and job seekers are often asked for personal information and monetary payments as part of the fake recruitment process.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, it is crucial to verify the source of any recruitment communications before sharing personal information. Verifying the source of recruitment communications is the key to distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent recruitment activities.

Here are some guidelines to help you distinguish between genuine and fraudulent recruitment communications:

Beware of Impersonators:

  • These parties may falsely represent themselves as 4G Clinical representatives and make fake job offers in exchange for personal information.
  • 4G Clinical will never ask for payment during the recruitment process.
  • For authentic information on 4G Clinical's recruitment process, please visit our official website at (www.4gclinical.com/careers).

4G Clinical Recruitment Process:

  • All applicants must apply through our website (www.4gclinical.com/careers).
  • All candidates will have an initial voice or video interview with a 4G Clinical Recruiter using Google Meet.
  • All candidates will have a series of follow-up video interviews with our hiring team using Google Meet.
  • 4G Clinical will not make a job offer after only text-based communications (chat app, chatrooms, emails, etc.).
  • 4G Clinical will never request payment, application fees, or sensitive financial information in the application process.
  • 4G Clinical will never ask candidates to transfer funds or pay a third party.

How to Identify a Scammer:

  • The recruiter contacts you from a non-4G Clinical work email address or personal email such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, etc.
  • You receive an unsolicited job offer without an interview.
  • The communication contains poor grammar or misspellings.
  • All interviews are conducted only over text.
  • You are asked for sensitive personal information or asked to make a payment.

Questions? Contact Us:
If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of any communication sent purportedly by or on behalf of 4G Clinical’s Human Resources Department or members of its recruiting team, please feel free to contact careers@4gclinical.com.