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March 22, 2020

4G Clinical and COVID-19

4G Clinical and COVID-19

We have received many inquiries regarding 4G Clinical’s preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic. We find ourselves in unprecedented and extraordinary times.  Concerns about the coronavirus continue to rise.  4G Clinical is committed to the health and safety of our employees, our clients, our neighbors and community. 

This message is to ensure you that 4G Clinical has implemented our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, as well as additional measures to safeguard the continuous support of your studies.

Business Continuity and Uninterrupted Support

As a cloud-based company, our business continuity plan was designed to enable all of our employees, products, services and communications to continue business operations remotely.  As such, effective immediately, we have implemented the following: 

  • We have moved to a global work from home policy for all of our employees and have suspended all corporate travel. 
  • We have increased our internal communications to ensure we all remain connected and working effectively as a team.
  • We are working with our key suppliers to ensure continued support and delivery around the world. 
  • Our internal study teams are already staffed with redundant resources to ensure our studies and clients are supported in the manner to which they are accustomed. 
  • We transitioned to hosting client audits remotely and continue to provide remote access to our procedures to our clients.
  • Our help desk personnel have moved seamlessly to remote support as outlined in our approved procedures and are available as always 24/7/365 to assist you with any need and/or direct you to the appropriate persons. 

Our goal is that our excellent service to you, our clients, continues without interruption. 


4G Clinical has procedures that define all aspects of security and data privacy.  We remain compliant to these procedures and will continue to enhance them if the need arises, based on our continued monitoring of world-wide guidance and information related to the pandemic.  We are committed to providing the same level of security as we always have in the past without interruption.

Additional Steps

In addition to the above, 4G Clinical is also evaluating additional emergency support procedures to assist our clients in the coming days or months as the current conditions may warrant.  These include:

  • Evaluating Direct-to-Patient options and procedures
  • Creating emergency procedures to allow 4G Clinical to carry out RTSM transactions on behalf of sponsors or sites that may experience internet connectivity issues
  • Offering our assistance to any sponsor that is working on a vaccine or cure for COVID-19

We encourage our clients to reach out with any concerns or issues.  4G Clinical will continue to monitor the CDC and international organizations for information and guidance on dealing with this coronavirus.  You may direct any questions you have to our Vice President of Quality, Laura Araujo at laura.araujo@4gclinical.com.

If you would like additional information on preventative measures related to the coronavirus, please refer to the www.CDC.gov/coronavirus website.



Amy Ripston

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