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The State of IRT and RTSM


Elizabeth Rickenbacher, PhD, Director of Strategy for 4G Clinical discusses changes in the IRT and RTSM solutions.

Elizabeth Rickenbacher, PhD, Director of Strategy for 4G Clinical, has over 15 years of experience in the field of life sciences, and is an eClinical RTSM solutions subject matter expert. In this Q&A, she discusses changes in the IRT and RTSM solutions, their impact on trials during COVID, and the future need for these systems.

Applied Clinical Trials: RTSM (Randomization and Trial Supply Management) can be considered an evolution of traditional IRT (Interactive Response Technology). Is the distinction important?

Elizabeth Rickenbacher: Historically, IRT was used primarily for randomization and getting drugs to the site. Over the years, it became apparent that supply management was just as critical as randomization and the combined action of them together elevates the function of this system. They are synergistic and need to coexist. It also helps to bridge the silos between clinical and supply organizations.

The term RTSM has been around since the advent of IRT technologies, but it refers more to the function of the actual system vs. the modality of delivery (voice, web, mobile, etc).

In that way, RTSM is an evolution of traditional IRT as it more accurately reflects the functions of the technology, and recognizes the importance of the interaction between clinical operations and supply.

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