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August 6, 2021

Patient Choice Will Drive Adoption of Decentralized Clinical Trials

August 6, 2021
The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Dave Kelleher, CEO of 4G Clinical, speaks with ACRP about how patient choice will determine the future adoption of decentralized clinical trials.

Dave Kelleher, CEO of 4G Clinical The clinical trial industry is clearly warming to the ideas behind decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), but it is ultimately patients who will drive the rate of adoption, says Dave Kelleher, CEO of 4G Clinical, a randomization and trial supply management company.

“People like choices, but if patients don’t accept” remote trials, DCTs may not continue to grow in popularity, Kelleher says. In any event, he notes, “Sites are never going away. Clinicians are not going away.”

Read the full article from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

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