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January 6, 2022

Increased Digitization in Clinical Trials: Expectations for the Year Ahead

January 6, 2022
Applied Clinical Trials

4G Clinical's JP Kappelle and Elizabeth Rickenbacher contributed to an article for Applied Clinical Trials, taking a deep dive into some of their top predictions and expectations for the major trends that will shape clinical trial design in 2022.

Here's a short excerpt:

While patients and sponsors continue to push for faster, more responsive, and more inclusive drug development, new technologies and solutions have emerged to help meet those expectations. New remote and virtual trial designs are being adopted by a much broader selection of sponsors, sites, and patients, resulting in improved trial access and participation. Improved data collection and integration resulted in huge leaps in trial efficiency and speed.

There is no doubt that this spirit of collaboration and innovation will continue in 2022. Still, many challenges remain, particularly in light of the continued uncertainty around the pandemic. With new variants continuing to emerge and spread, cutting-edge life science and clinical trials remain crucial to public health, and it’s critical that the industry continues to adapt to the new reality.


View the complete article at Applied Clinical Trials.

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