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February 1, 2017

Evolution and Challenges of Technology Innovation

Evolution and Challenges of Technology Innovation

4G's COO Christine Hurley was interviewed by Applied Clinical Trials about making a career transition from the industry sponsor side to a new entrant in the randomization and trial supply management space. Christine also discussed the evolution and challenges of technology innovation and its implementation across the drug development enterprise. Here is an excerpt:

"Q: When it comes to innovation, many seem ambivalent that it equates to real change or improvement. When do you know that an innovation is truly impactful? How is that measured?

I do think there is some weariness in industry about the term “innovation.” I’ve heard many comments along the lines of “oh, everyone says their system is innovative or they are innovating”—what does that even mean? Impactful innovation in our industry at the highest level, to me, means directly improving the lives of patients..."

To read the full interview, please click here. 


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