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Media Coverage

GCSG - Preparing for the Post-Brexit Clinical Supply Chain


4G Clinical is a proud sponsor of the 2018 US GCSG Conference in Atlanta and the resulting white paper on BREXIT considerations for clinical supply professionals.

2018 eClinical Solutions Report


4G Clinical was featured in an eClinical solutions white paper as an innovative company enhancing randomization and trial supply management (agile RTSM).

4G Clinical: Natural Language Processing to Accelerate Clinical Trials


4G Clinical named to top 20 most promising pharma & life sciences tech solution providers of 2017 for its use of NLP technology and agile software methodology.

Using IRT to Address Rare Disease Trials' Supply Chain Challenges


4G Clinical's Amy Ripston discusses the rising complexities of randomization and trial supply management in rare disease trials.

IRT Systems Bridge Clinical and Supply Together - and Why It Matters


Catherine Hall, director, operational excellence, Sunovion discusses how IRT systems (interactive response technologies) bridges clinical and supply.

Evolution and Challenges of Technology Innovation


4G's Christine Hurley speaks to the challenges of technology innovation and the strategies needed with randomization and trial supply management.

Site Calls for IRT Simplicity


4G's Kathleen Greenough interviews Roger DeRaad about IRT usage at the site level.

4G Clinical: Not your typical Wellesley Storefront


4G's entry to the Wellesley, MA community posted on The Swellesley Report

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