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August 2, 2022

Why I Do This - Faith Kenney

If you had asked me in June 2016 what I did for work, I would have told you that I recently started my own business as a consultant assisting small companies with their HR and operations needs. And that was certainly the case when I began consulting for 4G since the company was in its infancy and had only 16 employees.

The more tasks I took on for 4G, the more embedded I became.  It was exciting to be part of the opening of the Wellesley office and to see the number of employees start to grow. 4G kept me so busy, that I had to give up most of my other clients.

Fast forward two years to July of 2018. I was still consulting but 4G was growing larger by the day. And it was time for them to hire a permanent HR role.  So, when our CEO Dave approached me and asked me to consider the position, it took me very little time to say "yes."  

Why? I loved the company’s mission: Bringing crucial medicines to those who need them faster. This is something that is near and dear to my heart, as my son has an immune deficiency as well as two auto-immune disorders. I hope and pray that one day our software will be part of the cure for one or all of these.

I also loved knowing that every single one of our employees would play a part in whatever clinical trial for which our software is being used. 

And now, as I’m now celebrating six years with the company, this is still the case. We’ve grown to nearly 450 people. We have opened 10 global offices. We have launched additional products to accelerate the trial process in new ways. I’m proud of what the company has accomplished, of the plans we have for the future, and that we continue to act like family. 

The global pandemic has been a challenge for all of us and I could not be prouder of how everyone has handled it.  My hope for the next five years is that we put the challenges of COVID behind us, continue to grow, show everyone why our products are the ones to choose, and why everyone should want to work at 4G Clinical.

Faith Kenney

Faith Kenney, 4G Clinical's Director of Human Resources, has more than 30 years of valuable experience working in the healthcare, management consulting, radio, and sports management industries.

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