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October 11, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Attend CBI's IRT Conference

In just a few weeks, I’ll be headed to Philadelphia for CBI’s flagship IRT conference (Interactive Response Technologies in Clinical Trials). It’s bittersweet for me since I used to develop the agenda and collaborate with the speakers, but I must say it’s still my favorite event. Still undecided on attending? Here are my top 5 reasons for attending – and it may not be what you think. 

1. Targeted Focus on IRT 

There are so many clinical and supply related conferences out there. If you are lucky, there are one or two sessions related to IRT. What that means is that you might see a few folks in the audience that work on IRT, but the majority probably work on other aspects of clinical operations and supply. This is the only event that truly focuses on this crucial system – which allows for benchmarking you can’t get anywhere else.

2. Everyone Knows Everyone (Almost!)
Walking into this event is like walking into a reunion. The IRT community is such a small world and while some may change companies or focuses, the energy and networking of this event is unparalleled. New to the IRT space? What a perfect way to connect with like-minded peers.

3. Similar Challenges = Best Practice Development
One of the biggest reasons why people attend conferences is to pressure-test challenges/pain points against other organizations. You want to know you are not alone! Plus, you want to understand how others are progressing against similar challenges. While some of the topics within the event are consistent, year over year there are new methods presented to increase efficiencies that you can take back to your organization.

4. Innovation Starts Here
The other big reason people attend conferences is to get a current snapshot of the industry – and understand what’s coming down the pike in terms of innovation. As IRT continues to gain importance within the industry, there has been a realization that IRT can be leveraged to open doors to new innovative trial designs and supply paradigms. This is the place to come to learn what’s new in technology!

5. You Can Attend at a Discounted Rate
I truly hope to see all of you there and as an IRT conference sponsor, we can help make that happen. Just sign up with promo code IRT4G5 to receive a $500 discount (see attached coupon for details). Don’t miss this opportunity!  

Visit www.cbinet.com/irt to register. 


IRT 2017 Discount for 4G Customers

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