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December 20, 2015

A glimpse inside of 4G...


let me know when you get to the highlights


I can point you to functions in nlp_tools or create new ones as needed


I had no idea how to do the drag-n-drops, that was just a “dream” :):)

Michał Lech [8:33 PM]

okay, I think it would be cool if each section contained the list of words to highlight


I've used the JQuery UI to do that :simple_smile:



jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

Cedric Druck [8:35 PM]



we should talk on skype or something once you get rested and discuss these keywords


it’s 2:30 am there!!

Michał Lech [8:36 PM]

heh yes, I should go now :smile:


I don't like interrupting good work heh, see ya tomorrow !

Cedric Druck [8:37 PM]

I understand that!


See ya tomorrow!! :simple_smile:

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Ed Tourtellotte

Ed Tourtellotte, 4G Clinical CTO was the founder of Tourtellotte Solutions, a clinical trials consulting and technology company (acquired by Bioclinica). Ed designed and built the world’s first configurable IRT in 2000, and also designed the clinical trial supply simulator tcVisualize as well as Trident IWR.

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