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December 20, 2015

A Glimpse Inside of 4G...


let me know when you get to the highlights


I can point you to functions in nlp_tools or create new ones as needed


I had no idea how to do the drag-n-drops, that was just a “dream” :):)

Michał Lech [8:33 PM]

okay, I think it would be cool if each section contained the list of words to highlight


I've used the JQuery UI to do that :simple_smile:



jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

Cedric Druck [8:35 PM]



we should talk on skype or something once you get rested and discuss these keywords


it’s 2:30 am there!!

Michał Lech [8:36 PM]

heh yes, I should go now :smile:


I don't like interrupting good work heh, see ya tomorrow !

Cedric Druck [8:37 PM]

I understand that!


See ya tomorrow!! :simple_smile: