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Who is 4G Clinical?

4G Clinical is a leader in randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) for the global life sciences industry, offering the only fully cloud-based, 100% configurable and flexible solution utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and integrated supply forecasting.


Our expert staff possesses a combination of humility, confidence, curiosity and commitment to getting things done. Most importantly, everyone at 4G Clinical is passionate about our mission of bringing crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.

4G Clinical

Our Team Brings a Deep, Personal Connection to our Mission

Ed Tourtellotte

Ed Tourtellotte

Founder, CTO

Why I Do This

I was going back into the clinical technology space, and one of my old friends wrote asking, “How many times can you build the same system?”

David Kelleher

David Kelleher

Founder, CEO

Why I Do This

My reason for launching 4G is very simple. We must do whatever we can to ensure that vital medicines get to those who need them as fast as we safely can.

Cedric Druck

Cedric Druck

VP, Forecasting

Why I Do This

Out of university, I had absolutely no idea of how clinical trials work, and even less so the supply chain aspect of it. I was lucky.

4G Gives Back

Impact Breakfast Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

RTSM Technology

Trial designs have become more complex. The fact that RTSM technology has not kept up with that complexity is preventing us from getting medications to patients faster. 1st - 3rd generation RTSMs have not evolved to support the trials of today and tomorrow.  


4G Clinical, the 4th Generation of RTSM, is addressing the design complexity-technology bottleneck in clinical trials.

4G Clinical, the 4th generation of RTSM

The Fourth Generation of Agile
Randomization and Trial Supply Management Technology

We understand urgency. We are equipped to answer the extreme cost and time pressures of clinical trials unlike anyone else. Our unique approach to RTSM allows us to respond and react quicker than ever before so we can bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster.

100% Configurable

prancer rtsm

The World's Most Innovative Randomization and Trial
Supply Management

  • Modern technology & UI
  • Unparalleled speed & flexibility
  • Robust features & capabilities
Forecasting and clinical supply

The world's first integrated
RTSM and Clinical supply
forecasting solution

  • Integrated supply inventory management
  • Demand planning & forecasting engine
  • Unpredictable demand management


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