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Prancer RTSM®

Let the Science Lead with
Modern Technology

Prancer RTSM®
100% Configurable & Flexible Randomization and Trial Supply Management Solutions

Your RTSM should adapt as trials evolve, without disruption. The complexity of today’s trials is inadequately supported by traditional RTSM solutions, typically requiring custom coding to deliver system changes – costing you both time and resources. As trial complexity continues to increase, shouldn’t your system keep up?

Prancer RTSM®  brings both speed and flexibility to clinical trials, enabling your trial to ebb and flow as needs change, all while offering exceptional quality and performance.

"Paidion selected 4G Clinical as our preferred RTSM provider because they consistently provide high-quality customer service and innovative functionality to meet the needs of pediatric clinical trials. They have met or exceeded our expectations on all our shared projects."

- Betsy Reid, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Paidion Research, Inc.



Rapid study start-up with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Combined with our modern technology stack, NLP technology enables Prancer RTSM® to read and interpret written RTSM specifications, understand them, and build a deployable system automatically.

Revolutionized study build

Revolutionized Study Build

Approve the System, not 200+ pages of complex specifications

Our iterative build process allows us to refine the system prior to UAT due to increased transparency and customer involvement. Therefore, UAT becomes a final check, not a process to find bugs in the software.

Robust Forecasting

Our integrated and intuitive forecasting engine enables visibility, impact assessment and control over supply decisions.

robust forecasting
Post go-live flexibility


configurable and Flexible

Post Go-Live Flexibility

Follow the path of science without disruption

Our 100% configurable and flexible RTSM enables faster system changes from 1 hour (simple) up to 2 weeks (complex). Since flexibility is built in, you can shift gears mid-study to follow the science. Your RTSM will never hold you back.

Unparalleled Functionality

Cohort Management
  • Flexibility to adjust cohorts based on results
  • Control over screening caps and enrollment
  • Reduce supply overage and waste
  • Full transparency into protocol amendments and cohort versions

Unparalleled Functionality

Returns, Accountability & Destruction
  • Ensure single source for performing reconciliation at the end of a study
  • Report kit status throughout the study
  • Enable CRO oversight and workflow management
  • Manage accountability needs based on study, all the way to controlled substances

Unparalleled Functionality

  • Avoid wasted supply
  • Ensure transparency of IST status
  • Ability to pool supply across all ISTs in that program
  • Support sunshine reporting with shipment records

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What is Agile RTSM, Really?

Not all RTSMs that reference being agile are based on the software methodology. The difference may impact your study.

Unparalleled Functionality

Clinical Supply Pooling
  • Share inventory across multiple studies to conserve your supplies: at a lot level as well as at a site level
  • End user ability to adjust which studies have access to which lots
  • Resupply forecasting calculates demand across all sites that can use the inventory, regardless of study

Unparalleled Functionality

Direct-to-Patient Models
  • Choose any DtP model or combination thereof at the patient, study, site, and visit level

  • Flexibility to adjust DtP models based on country regulations and duration needed

  • Full visibility into the location of drug 

  • Automatic resupply of drug through different channels 

4G Clinical

RTSM Best Practices

RTSM Technology has Evolved to Let the Science Lead

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