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4G Clinical Video Series

4G Clinical Supports CISCRP's
Debunking Common Myths
In Clinical Trials Campaign

Myth #1               Myth #2              Myth #3               Myth #4

 Inspired by content developed by CISCRP.


4G Clinical is proud to support CISCRP's mission to help increase clinical research literacy with 5 videos

covering the top concerns influencing the public's decision to participate in clinical trials.


The Debunking Common Myths videos are based off personal experiences and feature patient, site, sponsor and industry stakeholder perspectives. Hear from 4G Clinical, Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), Eli Lilly and a Melanoma survivor as they strive to educate the public and help ensure patients are best equipped to make decisions affecting their health.


Myth #1

Myth #1

Clinical Trials Are Dangerous

Watch Dave Kelleher, CEO and co-founder of 4G Clinical, discuss patient safety in clinical trials.


David Kelleher Complete

Joe Kim 1 Complete

Myth #2

If You Take Part In Clinical Research, You Will Not Be Helped

In this video, Joseph Kim from Eli Lilly and Company addresses the different potential outcomes patients may face.


Myth #3

I Might Get A "Sugar Pill" or Placebo

Hear from T.J. Sharpe, a Melanoma Survivor and Patient Advisor, on the truths about sugar pills, standard of care and the placebo affect.


TJ Sharpe Complete

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Myth #4

If You Try To Get Into Clinical Research, You Will Not Be Eligible

In this video, Joseph Kim from Eli Lilly and Company discusses patient eligibility and the need for strict criteria within the enrollment process.

Our Mission

Bringing crucial medicine to those who need them, faster.

Why We Do This:


David Kelleher
Founder, CEO


My reason for launching 4G is very simple. We must do whatever we can to ensure that vital medicines get to those who need them as fast as we safely can.


Ed Tourellotte
Founder, CTO


I was going back into the clinical technology space, and one of my old friends wrote asking, “How many times can you build the same system?”


Cedric Druck
VP, Forecasting


Out of university, I had absolutely no idea of how clinical trials work, and even less so the supply chain aspect of it. I was lucky.