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June 1, 2022


A post-pandemic 3D view of the patient and supply journey

Webinar: June 1, 2022

@3:30 pm London | 10:30 am Boston


Gain an overview of how key technology providers can collaborate to deliver

modern clinical trials on-site and at home.

In this panel discussion with experts from 4G Clinical, THREAD Research and World Courier, learn how key technology providers can collaborate to deliver modern clinical trials on-site and at home.

The technology supporting post-pandemic clinical trial design concepts and requirements offers innovative and more holistic ways to recruit patients for clinical studies, improving retention rates and supporting dispensation, drug integrity and delivery.


This free-to-attend panel discussion will explore the technologies supporting the innovative decentralized clinical trial (DCT) workflow, examining the patient experience today in the context of a modern, connected world.

With speakers from 4G Clinical, THREAD Research and World Courier, this webinar will explore the technology that is supporting these trials, the lessons learned and how joint-solution collaboration can lead to greater trial success.


Join this 1 hour webinar to find out:

- What happens from the patient's point of view including data flow and the drug supply journey

- What the current challenges are in 2022 and the lessons learned from the pandemic

- How a joint solution can help sponsors, sites and patients to collaborate more effectively


Meet our panel of speakers:

Neta Bendelac, 4G Clinical Senior Director of Strategy, has over 10 years of experience in Clinical Supply Chain Management. She headed the Clinical Supply Chain department at Teva Pharmaceuticals, where she established new and innovative approaches to managing IMPs in clinical trials, designing them with a highly acclaimed and unique patient perspective. 
Libbi Rickenbacher, Director of Strategy at 4G Clinical has over 15 years' of experience in the field of life sciences, and is an e-clinical RTSM solutions subject matter expert. Her experience lies in building and managing accounts, clients, and strategic initiatives. She has a proven record of success in conceptualizing and delivering client-focused solutions, standards and providing oversight and guidance to both internal and external teams.
Andrea Zobel
Andrea Zobel is Senior Director, Personalized Supply Chain at World Courier,her scientific career includes 12 years’ research in gene technology, pharmacology and preclinical development. Andrea leads the Cell and Gene Therapy and Direct-to-Patient service lines and joins our panel today to share her experience solving operational and process challenges which arise from the complexity of DtP shipments, and what the future brings moving forward.
Jennifer Thread orange
Jennifer Price, Executive Director, Data and Analytics at THREAD Research, is a leading provider of Decentralized Clinical Trial technologies for life sciences. She is an accomplished professional with 25+ years of clinical research management and technology implementation experience. Jennifer is a passionate advocate for eSource, Clinical Data Standards, Clinical Data Sciences, Direct-to-Patient technologies and Direct Data Capture.




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