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Wherever the science leads,
we can follow.™

Prancer RTSM™ and 4C Supply™, leverage natural language processing (NLP) to

bring speed and flexibility to clinical trials, no matter where the science leads.


4G Clinical is driven by a single purpose: bring crucial medicines to those who need them, faster. 4G Clinical believes that the way to accelerate clinical research is by disrupting the way trials are executed. That’s why we have revolutionized RTSM and supply forecasting capabilities and services from the ground up.


Prancer RTSM™

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  • Accelerate study start-up with rapid build, test and deployment timelines

  • See a fully, deployable system before the specs are even signed
  • Reduce change order fees and delays with configurable technology

  • Solve complex forecasting challenges with Prancer RTSM™'s integrated forecasting engine


4C Supply™

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  • Build, run and verify supply chain models in minutes instead of days

  • Gain complete control and full transparency of how inputs affect outputs

  • Reduce human error by removing manual processes

  • Remove the need for external SMEs to build,
    interpret and analyze your supply chain models


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Join 4G and Veeva for our upcoming webinar:

Best Practices for Implementing and Maintaining Successful Standards


Tuesday, November 17th

11:00am -12:00pm EST

Revolutionary Study Build

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4G’s RTSM utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to read and interpret written RTSM specifications, understand them, and build a deployable system in moments.



Final Build Video


Seeing Is Believing

Let us show you first-hand how NLP enables faster, more flexible and higher quality systems.