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The Role and Importance of
RTSM in Clinical Trials

Thursday, December 3rd | 8:00am EST | 14:00 CET

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RTSM (randomization and trial supply management) systems, also known as IRT, are responsible for executing randomization, blinded supply and resupply management to depots and sites, and most importantly of all, drug dispensing to patients.

During study start-up, managing these systems can be challenging for clinical and supply teams, especially when team members have limited experience with the technology.

This webinar provides insight into the roles, advantages and criticality of the RTSM in clinical trials, and offers best practices to leverage them throughout the study. Additionally, the role and responsibilities of the supply manager will be discussed.

· Overview of RTSM functionality and advantages

· Understand the various roles of an RTSM

· Assess the roles and daily tasks of the supply manager

· Learn the fundamentals of supply management within the RTSM

· Leverage the RTSM to enable your trial, no matter what size or complexity

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Neta Bendelac

Senior Director, Strategy

4G Clinical



Sofi Glam

Senior Project Manager

IMP Clinical Supply Services




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