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January 27, 2016

Why I am Doing This.

Cedric Druck's Why I do This

Why the pharmaceutical R&D industry?


Out of university, I had absolutely no idea of how clinical trials work, and even less so the supply chain aspect of it. I was lucky. Between multiple projects in the cross-industry management consulting start-up I joined as a young graduate, I was staffed on developing the early versions of CT-FAST, a clinical trial supply chain simulation tool. Later I was assigned on optimization projects in other industries like steel, cement, water flow management, energy trading and more. Different contexts, different people, different cultures. But life kept drawing me back to the pharmaceutical world.

I was lucky. This is the best industry I have experienced, where I best fit. Great people. Everpresent ethics. Strong sense of purpose. Ever-increasing focus on patients. And, an industry that is very conservative by nature, and slow to adopt new technologies, which makes it relatively inefficient in comparison to others. That means endless opportunities to make a difference, bring value, do more with less and hence help the industry free budgets for further research. Perfect for the Engineer in Applied Mathematics in me. I made this the single objective of the company I founded in 2014, Belenox. That, was not luck.

Belenox was more successful from Day 1 than I could have dreamt, and brought me the professional emancipation I had been longing for. My own creativity, and I quickly realized, my own budget, were the only bottlenecks.

Why 4G Clinical?

I joined 4G Clinical in September 2015, or I should say I joined its concept, since the company was not yet incorporated then. Right when I was going back to software and developing other ideas, had plans to start hiring. 

I knew founder Ed Tourtellotte for many years, as he designed and built tcVizualize (later known as Bioclinica Optimizer), the only forecasting solution on the market I ever considered as serious competition, and the comparison point I was certain to find alongside with CT-FAST in any Request For Proposal from potential customers.

When I saw Ed was trying to figure out his next business idea, I reached out for awareness at least, and opportunities at best. Ed and co-founder Dave invited me to meet them across the ocean less than a week from then. I showed up, Ed explained his business vision and scribbled his key innovations on a paper napkin. I was in.

A start-up company, right in my field of predilection, with brilliant and ambitious ideas, with talented and seasoned founders, who value people they bring in as their most critical resources, and have deep, personal reasons to make this a success. 

They offered me to become a charter member of their leadership team, the 3rd G! I knew this was a chance I could not let go, and started working on the first key innovation at 4AM on the very next day thanks to the jet lag and excitement.

Joining 4G Clinical, I just removed the two bottlenecks I had left: my own mind, and capital (see http://finance.yahoo.com/news/4g-clinical-raises-2-5m-130900879.html). We can focus on our mission: helping the pharmaceutical industry bring new drugs to patients, faster. No distraction.

I could not be happier.

Cedric Druck, Head of Engineering.

Our Team Brings a Deep, Personal Connection to our Mission

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