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3 Trends That Will Shape 2022

Episode 7:
3 Trends That Will Shape 2022

If 2020 was a year of unexpected (and unprecedented) change, 2021 was the year that saw our industry reinforce its focus on patients. In the latest edition of Trial Trends, hosts Libbi Rickenbacher and Kathleen Greenough reflect on the past year, discussing how clinical trials are leveraging new technologies to ensure that the patient perspective remains at the center of clinical research in 2022 and beyond.

Who's Talking?

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Libbi Rickenbacher, 4G Clinical

Libbi has over 15 years of experience in the field of life sciences, and is an e-clinical RTSM solutions subject matter expert. Her experience lies at building and managing accounts, clients, and strategic initiatives.

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Kathleen Greenough, Senior Director of Client Solutions, has 16 years of experience in life sciences spanning Clinical Operations, Finance, and IT. Her wide range of solutions implementation expertise includes RTSM, CTMS, trial costing tools, OLAP financial suites and patient enrollment planning.


A thought-provoking podcast that tackles big ideas, challenges the status quo and brings different perspectives to light on the rapidly changing world of clinical trials.

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