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Prancer RTSM® and
4C Supply® Joint Solution

Integrated Forecasting and RTSM Solution to Help Address Complex Trial Supply Networks

Complex trial designs can make it difficult to know when and how much study drug will need to be produced to support upcoming subject demand. By integrating Prancer RTSM® with our 4C Supply® optimization software, users can not only forecast for the short term site-level demand, but also can create forecasts for the entire length of the trial. Teams determine how much drug is needed in the coming months (or even years), then feed this information back into the supply chain for updated production and API planning.

New Features Coming in 4C Supply® V2.0

Master Data Management
  • Store master data directly in the 4C Supply® database
  • Master data can be stored for regions, depots, shipping lanes, drug products, dispensing units, shipment costs and storage costs
  • User master data in 4C supply® forecasts to ensure consistency across forecasts
  • Self service master data management by eligible users

New Features Coming in 4C Supply® V2.0

Forecast Variability
  • Consider variability in site activation, enrollment and demand
  • Demand variability is covered in site/depot resupplies and in productions
  • Configure degree of demand variability coverage with the confidence dial

New Features Coming in 4C Supply® V2.0

RTSM Resupply Settings
  • Model buffer + resupply and buffer only site resupply methods and receive recommendations for buffer quantities in the forecast report
  • Model initial shipments sent at site activation or at first patient screened and receive recommendations for initial shipment quantities

4C Supply®

A Modern Clinical Trial Supply Management Solution that Brings Speed, Simplicity
and Control over Supply Decisions.

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Prancer RTSM®

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4C Supply®

Seeing is believing. Let us show you first-hand how 4C Supply® brings speed, simplicity and control over supply decisions.