4G is moving the needle in clinical trials

Are you frustrated with the time it takes to commercialize a drug?

So are we.

Do you wish you could decrease your study start-up timelines by up to 4 weeks? Take the guesswork out of supply forecasting? Make changes midstream without expensive trial delays? Well, now you can - with the 4th Generation of:


 Randomization and Trial Supply Management 

User Acceptance Testing and RTSM Validation Whitepaper

MEET PRANCER, 4G’s robust, efficient approach to agile RTSM. 4G’s Prancer simplifies and accelerates randomization and trial supply management - delivering faster, more efficient and reliable RTSM systems.  

Natural language processing (NLP) interpreting written RTSM specifications

4G utilizes NLP to read, interpret and understand written specifications to build deployable systems automatically [more]

Clinical supply forecasting tool for inventory control

Evaluate and determine a supply strategy at the turn of a dial [more]

Client advisory support solving customer challenges

Put 4G’s experience, technical expertise and advisory services to work for you [more]

Randomization and Trial Supply Management Best Practices Whitepaper


Great Place to Work Certification 2017 - 2018
CIO Review Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Tech Solutions Providers 2017
Scrip Awards Finalist 2017
  • Address RTSM challenges that have plagued the industry for years.
  • Reduce the clinical trial timeline by accelerating study start-up.
  • Radically change the process for building clinical systems.
  • Remove the burden of managing hundreds of poorly understood parameters controlling supply forecasting.
  • Enhance visibility into your trials for informed decision-making.
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 100% Configurable, Robust RTSM Functionality

Adapted to Your Processes and SOPs

Unparalleled level of features and functionality:
Prancer randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) functionality list
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Map of Global Staff Locations in US, Europe and Asia
4G Clinical is a cutting-edge randomization and trial supply management company. Our expert staff has over 200 years of combined industry experience from both sponsor and vendor organizations. We are committed to be your personal advisor in supply strategy and execution.
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RTSM Customer Support Process

New Paradigm for RTSM / IWRS Customer Support

By Teresa Goodnough • November 13, 2017

Redefine the rtsm / iwrs customer experience by leveraging these pillars of excellence.

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"My reason for launching 4G is very simple. We must accelerate the speed of discovery. We must do whatever we can to ensure that vital medications get to those that need them as fast as we safely can."

David Kelleher, CEO