we are Moving the Needle in Clinical Trials


Are you frustrated with the time it takes to commercialize a drug? So are we.

Do you wish you could decrease your study start-up timelines by up to 4 weeks? Take the guesswork out of supply forecasting? Make changes midstream without expensive trial delays? Well, now you can.

At 4G, our mission is to move the needle in clinical trials. Our robust, efficient approach to RTSM provides enhanced visibility into your trials, enabling you to do your job better and spend your time and resources wisely to get drugs to patients faster.





Introducing the 4th Generation of RTSM Innovations 

The 4G RTSM platform, Prancer, utilizes a cutting-edge technology stack using natural language processing alongside integrated clinical supplies forecasting and management functionality. The level of features and functionality of Prancer versus current offerings is unparalleled. It can handle any trial derivative, its speed and ease of use enables faster development and implementation changes as well as the elimination of change orders. Prancer is the only RTSM that is 100% configurable. What does that mean for you?

Flexibility, adaptability and speed. Learn more about our innovations: 

Natural Language Processing - 
Directly build the RTSM system within moments. See and interact with the system before you sign-off on the specs. Our iterative approach ensures transparency, so there are no surprises and you only need to do UAT once.

Unparalleled Supply Inventory Control
Evaluate and determine an optimal supply strategy at the turn of a dial. Control the size and frequency of site shipments to mitigate supply risk while balancing cost. Our inventory management tool calculates statistical algorithms based on your unique supply and study operations while enabling informed trial decision-making.

Revolutionalized Client Advisory Services - 4G is dedicated to the success of your business. Composed of seasoned industry experts in RTSM, clinical operations, validation, quality, forecasting and market trend analysis, 4G's team is poised to assist in your supply strategy and execution. 4G is committed to be your personal advisor in RTSM.
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Supply Forecasting Integration
Eliminate the gap between forecasting and execution.
Our experts will help you build your pre-study forecast to ensure you have enough supply for all possible trial contingencies. As your trial progresses, actual randomization data feeds into the forecasting engine to accurately reforecast your supply. With our fully integrated forecasting tool, 4G's RTSM streamlines the process by keeping all the data in one place, provides visibility into the trial, reduces time as well as the potential for human error.
Business Process Alignment
Be our partner in optimizing RTSM - and beyond.
4G is committed to the success of your business. We will conduct a business process assessment to understand your current processes and SOPs so we can adapt our platform to you. Leverage our pre-built critical interfaces and established integration standards with market leaders for drug distribution, operational systems (CTMS and EDC) and inventory management systems (ERP) to integrate studies quickly with your current workflows.  
Global Presence and Expansion
Wide breadth of experience with hundreds of studies in over 40 countries.

With over 90 years of combined experience from both sponsor and vendor organizations, our team has supported hundreds of studies in over 40 countries. Our experts are located globally including Poland, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, India and the U.S. and are able to support you wherever your studies reside. 


We understand urgency. Our standards for quality are the foundation for everything we do. We live and breathe RTSM. 

Built for the clinical trials of
today and tomorrow

"My reason for launching 4G is very simple. We must accelerate the speed of discovery. We must do whatever we can to ensure that vital medications get to those that need them as fast as we safely can." - David Kelleher 

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